Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting Around the Sacred Fire, Grandmother's Heart and Birds in the Sky!

Long ago our people would gather together in many circles everywhere. We would sit and share and we would celebrate through all hours of the night. Then we would form and gather around our fires. Here is where stories were told, in a circle. We told about creation and also about how many spirits and star people would visit us. Today on this day we are hear around the fire telling the sacred stories past down. We are picking up our old ways, in the winds yesterday. My heart began to sing for our little ones. Sacred Horn (Golden Kobe) has shared with me many beautiful things and his stories also fill my heart. Therefore I have hope for the future. My story today is all about how we as sacred holy family sharing stories and how we gather together.  We begin in our hearts, in our fires that burn there bright. Aho!

Chippewapa (Rainbow River in the Sky, dakota/cree daughter) begins the story. "Here I flow, over the rainbow. I would like to continue the story" says White Buffalo Calf Woman (lakota daughter).

Here the story continues to shine upon our hearts. For many eons and generations before us, grew hungry for more. Sharing the stories helps us to remember the spirit that flows. As our dreams emerged together we were able to see the circle of life. And when the sun did rise, we did remember the song of the eternal life. Paradise was the Great Mother's heart. She born us to be children to share all, with other children. And so we passed this knowledge from one generation to the next generations. As the years went by, the story changed a bit. But our dreams still guided us towards each other. Around the fire, we could share our hearts. We remembered that the circle meant we were all relatives once again. The smoke filled our eyes and our skin (hide or rainbow colors, the holy temple). We felt protected from all evil spirits. We gained power in the sacred circle.  We talked about our totems, our animal spirits and our protectors. We found that if we continued the circle, we could find our family once again. As time went by, we felt lost, because many of the old ways did not live anymore. Sow we had to plant the seeds for a new creation. And as we learned about creation, we sought the Great Spirit in the sky to hold us nearby. Our hearts yearned to remember. We wanted to become Great, like the spirits in the sky, but we had lost our knowledge but not the circle around the fire. As more and more return to our hearts, the circle brings us nearer to all parts. Relatives start to remember that we are forever and eternal. Our dreams show us the way.

Trusting was an act of faith. Many warriors lost their way. They did not look into the sky and ask the Great Spirit why. Instead they walked away. Their hearts felt pain and anger. But the plants and animals did not forget. For each day, they speak to us and even join us in the sacred circle we gather for. And as the sun goes down and the stars shine in the sky. We remember we are from distant places. Yet, we found a home, another Turtle Island, another child of the universe. And the Great Mother was pleased. She looked up her children and held them close in her arms.  And the fire circles bring us back to this remembering, when we dream in our hearts again. Once more our warriors are awakening around the world.  They are remembering to join the fire circle, to share their stories and to remember days past.  We cultivate the great spirit within us all.  We bow to the miracles of life each day, has to offer to us ...... ...... ....... they started to remember past stories. They started to realize the Great Spirit inside. If we came from stars in heaven, then we could be the Great Spirit who is a good child.  We did laugh and sing our songs. Our hearts were full once more. A new dawning came to us, our dreams were born again. Aho, the end.

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind says (gray child), "Aho... maybe the beginning."
Chippewapa says (blue child), "Aho"
Grandmother Comfort in the Wind says (gray child), "Thank you that was very beautiful."
Chippewapa says (blue child), "That is wonderful story. Me happy."
White Buffalo Calf Woman says (crystal child), "Yes, we are happy!"
Sacred Horn says (golden child), "Lot's of love (lol). We are happy."
Grandmother Comfort in the Wind says (gray child), "Thank you (White Buffalo) Calf Woman."

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind shares a story! (lakota daughter)
So, my children and grandchildren, I tell you the story of grandmother's heart.  It is very deep. You cannot see to the bottom.  Hmmm ... but the water there is very cold and refreshing. It is endless.  And when the sunshines upon it, oh, how it glitters and glows. If you dove in, you would see many strange creatures that hold Grandmothers heart in love. Small and big. Some are little creeping creatures, some fly in the night (but) they all have a place. Don't you see for Grandmother (dreamspace, the center pole) holds all company so I hold them all close, for they make me very happy. 

Chippewapa says (blue child), "Aho, good one (smiles and giggles)."
Sacred Horn says (golden child), "I love it Mom (Grandmother Comfort in the Wind)."
Grandmother Comfort in the Wind says (gray child), "You are my smiles and giggles... everyone."
White Buffalo Calf Woman says (crystal child), "Aho".
Sacred Horn says (golden child), " :D "

Chippewapa shares another story
Aho, today a bird came this morning singing away and I was praying.  The bird suddenly flew south and then another came. Perhaps they were partners, but this one flew west. It was kinda cloudy and I was singing in the winds.  Then it flew back and then the other. They had food in thier beaks.  And then I looked up into the sky and then I saw a hole in the clouds it was blue. And then the sun peaked through and it was warm. Then I went inside to get some water (giggles). I poured it on the earth and gave thanks for life. The birds showed me life flows. They had food and were caring for thier young one. I suppose today, they taught me to be greatful/grateful for food and water.  Sow I offered too. Aho.

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind says (gray child), "Aho.. that was beautiful... thank you for reminding us that we will always be taken care of by our Mothers and Fathers of heaven."
Chippewapa says (blue child), "Aho."
Sacred Horn says (golden child), "Aho so cool B-)".

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Tell me a story. I need to hear, all of your stories, even in a-rears (past). Heaven and Earth come into me. I will share your heart with all of the leaves (relatives on the tree of life).